Travelling Books Project 20198

Guild branches have been running travelling books projects for many years but I first came across them at the Regional day in 2016 and was very impressed by the display of books and immediately thought we can do this – but better of course!


It is a ‘round robin’ with an A5 sketchbook circulating round a group of six people.  Each person in the group begins with their own sketchbook and are asked to create a piece of work in response to the image they find in their book.  A new ‘inspiring image’ is then placed in the book for the next person to work from.  It is then passed on to the next person in the group until everyone has completed their pages.  When your travelling book has done the ‘round’ and returns home you will have work by six different artists.  The groups could then be swapped around and your sketchbook may do another journey.


Inspiring ‘images’ can be almost anything; a poem, quotation, magazine/newspaper images, postcards, sketch, print, mark making, photograph, (flat) natural objects – anything with creative possibilities!


We have an ‘advance’ group of six already working on their books and two more groups ready to start in January.  If you have not already signed up please contact me so I can organise sufficient books for everyone


Helen Brown