Marian Lowe – Beautiful Braids Workshop

Our September meeting was an interesting afternoon trying out some new ways to create braids. We were shown the basics of four different techniques, which we then tried for ourselves.

Helen showed us knotted braids – similar to the friendship bracelets that we made as children. This was quite easy to master and can be made in various widths by using more threads. It also works well with threads of differing thicknesses.

Ailsa’s technique was a variation of finger braiding. This is useful if you don’t know how long you need your braid to be, as it’s similar to crochet and you don’t need to measure the materials first.

Jackie showed us how to make a Camel harness – apparently this is the first known use of ply-split darning! Using a darning needle, it makes a wide, flat braid – strong and durable, suitable for belts and great for your dog (or camel) leads.

Chris introduced us to ‘fill the gap’ braiding, this uses a cardboard wheel and can be used to make intricate designs. This is a basic variation of Kumihimo, an ancient Japanese braid, which is enjoying a revival at the moment.

We all enjoyed having a chance to try these new techniques and having our handiwork to take home.

A big thank you to Ailsa, Helen, Jackie and Chris for a very enjoyable meeting.

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